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I always get excited about experiencing a new mode of transportation. As I made my way to Boston to head out to the Azores.  I was struggling about what to do with my Jeep if I drove to Boston. Although there were parking options, they were a little bit more expensive than I wanted to pay. So I set off in search of exploring other options, like taking the train, Uber, or a Greyhound bus.

Having rode on the ‘dirty dog’ as some passengers have coined Greyhound buses, I was not really thrilled with taking a half day to get to Boston from Central Connecticut because they tend to make a crapload of stops along the way.

At some point, I remembered about Mega Bus. As luck would have it, Mega bus had a once daily route from Hartford to Boston, straight through, no stops.

Part of the appeal of Mega bus is that they book tickets in a way that if you plan far enough in advance and are fortunate to a seat that they reserve for the purpose of getting customers. You can get a seat on the bus for as little as $1.00. Even though I waited until a few days before leaving, I only paid $16.00. That is a value!

One of the other awesome things about the Megabus, is that it is a double decker bus. What fun! Clearly it doesn’t take much to get me excited but I rather liked sitting up on the top level. Of course I just had to sit as far back as possible because, as everyone knows, the back of the bus is just plain cool. The top of the bus was see-through either made of glass or plexiglass material. Either way it was fun to look out of the top of the bus.

The bus was equipt with free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets making it easy to keep to keep busy while riding the bus.

Megabus serves many major metropolitan areas. So you might want to check it out if you want to travel to a place you might not enjoy driving or parking in. All in all a good experience.

If you had read my book, Lessons from the Road: USA. I told a story about a man I met in Kansas who said to me “You need to be a bus driver.” Of course, my mind started thinking that he meant it that literally, I should be a bus driver. But something in the way he said it made me think perhaps he meant something else. I asked him to clarify his statement he said, “You know that bus driver that greets everybody with great enthusiasm and asks with genuine interest how they are doing and makes people feel good even just for a moment?” I responded simply “Yes”. He then said, “Everybody should be that bus driver.” I agree, we need more people in this world that are bus drivers.

Anyhoo, on my first ride with MegaBus, I met Ray the bus driver. He greets me enthusiastically and with much warmth. As I was struggling, trying to get my suitcase on to the cargo area he rushed over to help me. We strike up lively conversation. I ask him his name, I love to address people by their first name. We introduce ourselves, shook hands and he starts to do a little James Brownesque dance and he instructs me to call him Sugar Ray. Well that totally had me laughing and feeling really good. So if the other bus drivers on MegaBus are anything like this guy, it’s bound to be a good experience.


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