The Nomad’s Pilgrimage to Walden Pond
The Man, the Myth, The Legend Henry David Thoreau the author of Walden and Civil Disobedience holds a special place in my heart. As a nomad, I appreciate his experiment of going into the woods, to nature, to simplify his life, develop self- reliance and find the best parts of himself. He broke away from […]
The Wonder of Watkins Glen
You ever see promotional materials for a place or a thing and you think “Wow that’s really something! I need to put that on my must see list.” Promo material and the risks of the must-see list You carve out time in your calendar, make plans, figure out the best route to take to get […]
Inspiration From the Road: Meet Rick
I love it when the universe throws me a bone, especially when I need it the most. I’ve been through an extended regrouping phase this year. I have been re-examining what I am doing, and taking stock in what I really want to get done with this stage of my life. In truth, it is […]
Hontoon Island State Park
I’ve realized that vacationing in Florida can be a very expensive proposition. Just this week in May 2019, I traveled to Florida with my Son, Daughter in law and my 3-year-old grandson. Although I love the big attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. I’m finding that even the lesser-visited attractions are getting very expensive. […]
Finding Treasure at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Arkansas – The Natural State Crossing the border into Arkansas, there is a big overhead state sign stating that Arkansas is the Natural State. I thought, “hmm, I didn’t know that”. I would have expected West Virginia or Montana to have such a designation but not Arkansas and it made me wondered why. I discovered […]
The Connecticut Radio Museum
Unplanned road trip to Windsor, CT I discovered the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum on a beautiful day after a period of weather that included a lot of rain and grayness. I wanted to go on a road trip. A brown sign trip road trip. For the uninitiated, I am addicted to brown signs. I just […]
Horace Wells, Accidental Discoverer of Anesthesia
Horace Wells was a man in search of recognition and greatness, to leave a legacy to the world. This is a tragic tale of addiction, madness, and death. I know, this is dramatic sounding, but read on. This is all true. It always amazes me how history seems to paint certain individuals as a hero […]
Lost River Caverns – Off The Beaten In Hellertown,…
Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, Pennsylvania is delightful, off the beaten path budget attraction with cavern tours and numerous other activities.
Meet Karen – A Dreamer and true American
Hello everyone, For me if someone would ask me what is my favorite thing to write about, it would always be, hands down, “People from the Road” blogs. I love people!  In my book talks speaking engagements, I always talk about how we are isolated from each other. I would tell my audience about stories […]
Bok Tower – A gift of beauty and vision…
Bok Tower: Make the world a bit more beautiful and better because you have been in it.
Thoughts on a Forrest Gump Moment and Feeling Thankful…
I'd like to think that we are all just floating around on this earth to see what we can see, experience what we were meant to experience, and to learn a few lessons about humility and gratitude along the way.
People from the Road – Meet Chris – Sometimes…
People from the Road – Meet Chris Kullstroem I met Chris years ago through local Couchsurfing events. While I was wandering about the United States by myself, I was watching Chris wandering around the world by herself. That trip made her a personal hero of mine. Every week or so, I’d see her Facebook posts […]
4 Great Waterfalls for all at Crawford Notch State…
Crawford Notch State Park New Hampshire
Meet Chris and June – 4 Reasons to Trust…
On a recent traveling adventure, exploring upstate New York, I discovered four really great reasons why trusting the Universe is an awesome thing. Instead of taking the highway, the GPS insisted that a meander through the backroads of western New York was in order. I figured, “Hey, sometimes you just have to trust the universe to put you on the right path.”
Pipestone National Monument – Minnesota – Pleasantly surprising
Hello everyone, I was online today and was asked the following question “What was one touristy destination that pleasantly surprised you?” I don’t know if you can consider this a “touristy destination” but Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota immediately came to mind. Journey Westward I remember traveling around the mid-west and I saw a brown […]
Nathan Hale – Hero or dumb ass?  You decide.
Hello everyone, If you read the chapter in my book (Lessons from the Road: USA) on Oregon, you would know that sometimes history paints people in a different light that does not necessarily reflect the true nature of the person or occurrences that are said to have happened. Every now and again, I give a guided […]
Mega awesome form of Transportation
Hello all, I always get excited about experiencing a new mode of transportation. As I made my way to Boston to head out to the Azores.  I was struggling about what to do with my Jeep if I drove to Boston. Although there were parking options, they were a little bit more expensive than I […]
Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island
Hello everyone, Everywhere I go, I have a natural curiosity about all kinds of things. I always wonder about the people that have passed. The benches in memorial to loved ones passed, hold a particular fascination for me. I want to learn about those people, talk to their families and get to know who they were.  Sometimes just wandering about […]
Strategies to find those gems in your own backyard.
I challenge you to take a look around your town. Look for plaques that denote something about the area. Take a few minutes to stop and read them. Visit the oldest cemetery in your town
Travel Tip – Strategies for finding the time to…
Strategies for finding the time for travel When I ask people why don’t you travel? I usually get three responses. Money, time, and fear are, by and large, the three most common factors that people perceive are keeping them from traveling. I addressed the money excuse in a previous blog. I talked about how mindsets adjustments […]
5 steps to protecting yourself from tick-borne illnesses
Warmer climes and outdoor times will soon beckon us to lark in parks and tread on trails. Meaning it is once again time to remind ourselves on that dastardly denizen of the woods and weeds, the unen-deer-ing deer tick and its sometimes payload of woe and misery, Lyme disease. Lyme disease, or as the erudite […]
3 Easy mindset changes for obtaining more affordable travel
3 easy mindset changes for obtaining more affordable travel I often hear about how people wish that they could afford to travel more often or even at all. I am always surprised to hear people, especially gainfully employed people, say those words. Over the years, I’ve seen some of the poorest people, traverse the world […]


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