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Hi everyone,

I am sooo excited for my book release party on Dec 5th! It’s going to be so much fun to have everyone around and hopefully you can appreciate the effort of assembling some awesome people with fun items for purchase for Christmas gifts or yourself.

I met Hadria mere months ago at a farmer’s market in my new community and fell in love with her stuff. Then I talked to her for a bit and thought this girl is super cool.  My internal dialogue was like OMG!! I have so many intelligent, clever, and a little geeky friends (Ok some super geeky friends, no offense, you know who you are. ) that they are going to eat this stuff up!!! I invited her to join the party and she agreed. Yea us!!! So let me help you identify the right person on your Christmas list that will love her stuff. If you have a friend on your Christmas list that has ever played D and D and likes it, is a Dr Who fan, plays Euro games, has ever LARPed, enjoys dressing up at Ren or pirate faires, has a data center in thier basement or closet, is part of an astronomy club, majored in any of the sciences in college. If they are a nutritionist or yoga person. These designs will Rock thier world!!! Actually when you see them you will see they are great for everyone but really great for those guys. Her prices were super affordable.

Also check out her logo – Cutest logo ever!!!!

Here is her Bio

Hadria Hermele, owner and designer of Quark Tees, is a firm believer
that art and science go hand in hand. Using her B.A. in Fine Art and
her passion for science, she creates whimsical designs inspired by
science with a punny or humorous twist.  In 2015 Hadria also began
writing and illustrating her webcomic, Microcosm, which uses humor to
teach readers facts about astronomy and inform about current astronomy

Here are some links if you want to include them:
website: quarktees.com

comic: http://www.gocomics.com/microcosm


Lessons from the Road USA

Lessons from the Road, USA shares the travel adventures of a funny, single, 50-something year-old woman, traveling across the U.S. in a pickup truck. Webster is navigationally challenged and yet strangely addicted to camping sites and critters. She visits monuments of historical or personal significance and meets some fascinating people along the way!

Coming Soon!

Lessons from the Road RV

Join Margaret as she shifts from her tent to a new RV. This book is a must-read for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning an RV to travel full-time.

Podcasts Featuring Margaret

Get Focused Episode 80

Episode 80: Meet Margaret Webster, author of “Lessons from the Road: USA”

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