Travel Tip – Never leave all of your eggs in one basket!

​That picture is a picture of my purse that is affectionately known as the TARDIS.

​I have been very fortunate over the years in my travels. I have, on occasion, left my purse behind, in different places around the world. I’ve also left my credit card in several restaurants after paying the bill. When I figured out that I had left them behind and gone back to retrieve them, I luckily have always gotten everything back. Although I have been blessed in that way over the years I know not everyone has had that experience.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of helping an older couple out by buying a tank of gas for them. They were from Ohio and had traveled to Florida with thier 3 Chihuahuas. On the way back the home the gentleman misplaced his wallet someplace and her credit cards were maxxed out from the trip. The local banks refused to help because he had no ID. It was a bit of a mess and they seemed duly distressed, given the situation.

I was happy to help, but it got me thinking about that time honored expression.

Don’t leave all of your eggs in one basket. Especially when traveling.

Have at least one credit card someplace else, like your luggage or tucked away in your vehicle, away from your wallet.

Additionally, take a picture of your drivers license and passport on your phone and email it to yourself so that if your phone gets stolen too, you can get it at any local public library or internet cafe.

Next week’s travel tip will be about the aftermath of what happens if your wallet and or purse is stolen in a foreign country.


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