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Hello all,
I apologize for the lateness of my weekly installment of People from the Road. I’ve been hosting a group of people from all over the USA that has taken up a large portion of my time over the past week. When my Lessons from the Road – Travel events get off the ground and you attend one, rest assured, that I will give you my undivided attention too! Yes, that was a shameless plug! I digress, back to the matter at hand.

Everyone meet Chris. I originally met Chris through Couchsurfing gatherings in CT. Couchsurfing has introduced me to some amazing people that have done amazing things. Chris is no exception. She spent over a year solo traveling the world in pursuit of creepy horror stuff because that is her passion. I was super jealous watching her global wanderings.

Here is her author bio.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Chris Kullstroem is a life-long Halloween, horror and dark tourism fanatic. Always on the look-out for books about things that go bump in the night, [/perfectpullquote]

Chris Kullstroem is a life-long Halloween, horror and dark tourism fanatic. Always on the look-out for books about things that go bump in the night, she also enjoys researching and writing her own books. For the past two decades she has solo-traveled to haunted attractions, ghost- and cemetery tours, and other forms of “scare tourism” around the world. Her seminars teach what these haunting forms of theater reveal about the human experience and the universal connection that we all share. Her website is www.monstersandbooks.com.

Chris will definitely be a guest speaker at one of my retreats. A good lesson on how to be brave and follow your passion.

Check out her website!
Her book titled ‘Drawn to the Dark’ will be out in Feb 2017.


Lessons from the Road USA

Lessons from the Road, USA shares the travel adventures of a funny, single, 50-something year-old woman, traveling across the U.S. in a pickup truck. Webster is navigationally challenged and yet strangely addicted to camping sites and critters. She visits monuments of historical or personal significance and meets some fascinating people along the way!

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Join Margaret as she shifts from her tent to a new RV. This book is a must-read for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning an RV to travel full-time.

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  1. Hmmm…..Hey Chris, a “wanderluster” and a fellow Halloween and horror fan….well, well…
    think I need to check out your website !!

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