ChilLAX or is it ExLAX


I always find it interesting when when people hype things up, it’s been my experience that hyped up things are a bit of a let down. I think to myself well if everyone that I’ve run into when I inform them that I’m going to LAX to pick up a friend either extends condolences or shutters and begins to tell me the nightmare they’ve experienced at LAX, The place and experience has got to suck. On my scale of suckiness based on what I was hearing LAX not only sucked but sucked the big stinky ass, Which for the uninitiated on my suckiness scale that is very very bad. I went into total prep mode online and found the terminal layout and cell phone lot locations. I set up my GPS and traced my route multiple times. I left with a couple hour leeway as I have personally experienced LA traffic in the past being difficult. What I discovered was something entirely different then the expectations set by everyone else. I think I may have uncovered the best kept secret about going to LAX. Go on a Tuesday night. I actually made better time than my GPS said I would and I was going speed limit. I found the terminal laid out very well and was very accessible. Both the pick up and the drop off were flawless, easy, no traffic, smooth sailing etc… I wonder what everyone was talking about? Lucky for me I get to do it again when my friend from Florida flies out next month and I’m totally looking forward to it. 🙂 I would have liked to include a picture but I was driving.
So I’m updating this blog post because I had to go back to LAX to pick up a friend to hang out for a couple of weeks. I figure let me see how this is this time which is Wednesday at noonish local time. The flight is due to arrive at 12:55. I’m chilling in the cell phone lot C hanging out. The ride in was awesome no backlogs no heavy traffic the whole way. LAX was again ChilLAX. I really kind of wanted it to be crappy ride then it would be ExLAX. 🙂 So my take away to anyone that has to pick up people at LAX, tell the folks to plan their arrival time to Tuesday evenings or Wednesday afternoons. I was ready with my camera this time and caught a shot of the LAX letters.


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  1. Well. Guess it just goes to show that everyone has their own subjective take on stuff, and the best way to go is your own way!

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